Fraud Prevention

When using steam trading sites it is important to avoid common fraud attempts to keep your items safe.

In order to trade with you need Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator enabled - but this doesn't make your account hacker proof. In order to keep your items safe, you still need to be aware of common scam techniques that scammers may use to target you.

Account Hijacking

One of the most common scam attempts, and the one that is the biggest issue when trading with sites like, is account hijacking.

Firstly, the user signs in to a fake website using their steam account. The website could look identical to the site it is pretending to be, but when they enter their username and password this will be sent to the scammer's server instead of straight to Steam. The scammer automatically tries to log into Steam with the information provided, and passes on Steam's response back to the user (either that it's an incorrect username or password or asking for a Steam Guard code).

There are two easy ways to avoid entering your information into a fake site:

  • check the URL of the site you are on is correct - no typos
  • never log in to a third-party site with your username and password. If you try and sign into a site with steam and it asks for your account details, open steam in a new tab, sign in, then try and log into that site again. You should be able to just click "Sign in".

Once the scammer has access to your account they can accept, decline and cancel trade offers, but they cannot confirm trades due to Steam Guard. This is how the scammer ultimately takes your items:

  1. The user initiates a trade with
  2. A real bot sends the user a trade.
  3. The scammer sees this trade and declines it.
  4. Instantly, the scammer updates the profile of one of their bots to look identical to the bot.
  5. This fake bot sends the user the same offer, but with all the items on the bot's side missing.
  6. The user confirms this trade and his items now belong to the scammer in their fake bot account.

To avoid this happening, we recommend that you check the trade is correct before confirming it on your app. will never send you a trade with items on only one side without you expecting it. If the offer is incorrect and the trade offer has been redirected, follow these steps to secure your account:

  1. Change your password, and also change it anywhere else you have the same password set.
  2. De-authorize all other devices here. This will sign the scammer out of your account.
  3. Go to and choose 'Revoke My Steam Web API Key' for any keys listed. If you don't know what an API key is, you don't need it. If you do use one, you should consider it compromised and generate a new one.
  4. If you still see trades getting redirected, contact Steam Support.

Other Scam Attempts

There are many other methods used to scam people, most of which can be avoided by following these tips:

  • Item verification is a scam and there is no such thing as a "pending" ban.
  • If something seems suspicious, ask other users about it. One place to do this is in the discord.
  • If you've never heard of a website before, chances are it's not legitimate. Ask other users about it.
  • If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Don't trust links people send you. If they send you a link to a user's steam profile/inventory/etc that doesn't mean it's theirs - get to that page yourself by viewing their steam profile, or if on Discord check their connected account.

Your bots have my scammed items, can I get them back?

Unfortunately we can't return any items sold to our site by scammers. We do have measures in place to try and prevent scammers from using our site.