At we believe in helping our users.

That's why with the Quicksell Bonus you can get a 1% discount when trading unusuals on our site. Our Premium users can use the Quicksell Bonus feature on 50 unusuals per month, but regular users can use it twice a month for free!

After all, who hasn't ever fallen just one bit short from the item you want, and wished it was just a little bit cheaper?


Want to support our site? Buy Premium!

For 3 keys a month you get:

  • 50 uses of the Quicksell Bonus a month.
  • Priority in any queues.
  • A special role in our discord server.
  • Access to a private channel in our discord server - see newly listed unusuals before anyone else!
  • More to come...

About Us is a Team Fortress 2 trading site whose main purpose and drive is to help you have the best possible experience when buying and selling all kinds of items. Be it australiums, painted items or unusual hats, you never know what we might have in stock!

With thousands of items and unusuals available we are prepared for any type of trade, no matter how big. Our competitive prices, efficient service and innovative mechanics make us a great choice to become your next home for anything trading related.

The site has been trading since 2019.


We take the security of your account and your items very seriously. We will never ask for your password and there is no punishment for not accepting a trade. Please read our article on Fraud Prevention and if you ever have any concerns don't hesitate to contact us on our support page.

We actively avoid letting scammers liquidate stolen items on our site. Scammers are not welcome here.


There are 2 variants of items in the site's stock, these are:

Site items logo and Partner items

Site items are items on one of our bots; all trades using this method are automatic.

Partner items are items one of our partners has in their inventory; you must send a trade manually to buy these items and they may not be automatically accepted.